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Featured Review Boost Apex confirmed review Verified Review
6000 RP
7200 RP

gg´s Rem very good Player!

Apex Boosting Team

Thank a ton mate! Appreciate your feedback!

Featured Review snurkel Apex confirmed review Verified Review
5587 RP
7350 RP

never got tilted even when I threw games or whiffed and got low KP, super friendly and super skilled

Apex Boosting Team

Thank you! Fast and efficient boosts are our duty!

Featured Review OGKALIR Apex confirmed review Verified Review
7364 RP
10000 RP

This booster is super nice to work with and had great communication. We ran into some apex bugs but we worked it out together - very patient person. Would highly recommend.

Apex Boosting Team

gg wp! Would be happy to see you soon again :)

Featured Review Silentkill123 Apex confirmed review Verified Review
7254 RP
10000 RP

Great Communications and Very Trusted and Super Fast Individual 10/10 if it was possible thanks again !!

Apex Boosting Team

Awesome customer! Thanks for your order!

Featured Review Saturnake Apex confirmed review Verified Review
7265 RP
9250 RP

Awesome booster! A really high skilled player gentle and patience! Absolutely recommended!!

Apex Boosting Team

Thanks for ordering from us, glad you liked the service :)