Apex Boosting FAQ - Questions about Apex Legends Boost

Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, we answer basic questions about how our overwatch boosting service works.

Main Questions
apex boosting questions

What happens after checkout?

You will be readdressed back to the account creation page, where you can register an account on our service. Generally, it takes no more than 1-2 minutes. Thereafter you will have to provide your login details to your Apex Legends account (not required for duoq orders) and your order will be imported to our database, where carefully selected Apex Legends boosters will be able to accept your order for ranked boosting. Then you will find out yourself in our customer area chatting with one of our Apex Legends Pros. The whole process for most of the orders takes no more than 5-10 minutes.

apex boosting questions

Can you tell me about person who will play for my account?

We hire players, who were able to score Apex Predator Rank on their accounts only. We always check the candidates for the availability of such high rank. To make our team even better and professional, we ban the boosters, who violate our internal rules, such as chat with client’s friends without permission, toxic behavior, or taking an order without being ready to start a boost. But that's a really rare case.

apex boosting questions

What about your Refund Policy?

We don't require money we didn't earn. Thus, we do full refunds before the start of the boost if you decided for any reason to cancel the boost. In case, when the boost has already started, we will calculate a partial refund for you dependently on the progress made.

apex boosting questions

Will I get banned?

At the moment, we have not encountered cases of ban for Apex Legends ranked boosting. Perhaps the things may change, but everything looks pretty safe at the moment.

Common Questions
apex legends boosting questions

How fast will you complete my order?

Generally, we complete orders very fast. Most of the small orders with 150-300 RP length are completed the same day. The speed of boosting depends on a few significant factors such as the length of the order, the desired rank and your RP gain per win. Duo orders are generally completed a bit slower than solo orders, because duo orders demand you and your booster should be ready to play simultaneously.

apex legends boosting questions

I want booster to use heroes of my choice. Is it possible?

Yes, we provide such an option. It is currently free and enabled by default. You will be able to choose the heroes that the booster will play after the purchase in your personal area.

apex legends boosting questions

What is work schedule of your Support Desk?

Customer support desk works 7 days a week. We work with our customers via facebook, whatsapp, email and intrasite chat in the customer area. However, our support desk does not work 24 hours a day, so sometimes the response time can reach 8-10 hours. But most of the times it is much quicker.

apex legends boosting questions

I want to change my booster. How can I do that?

You can drop your booster from the order in the customer`s area, this will reimport your order to the base where another booster will take it. Also, we kindly ask you to message us if for some reason your booster did something inappropriate or you believe he didn't fit booster standarts.

apex legends boosting questions

Which regions and platforms are supported?

We support PC Platform on all regions. PS4 and X-Box orders may experience delays on the start, but generally we find boosters as well.

apex legends boosting questions

Do you offer Loyalty Program?

Yes, we offer it! We have five levels of loyalty program with 40% discount at the highest level. You upgrade loyalty program level with a certain amount spent. At each of such level, we will provide you with a new unique coupon code that gives a constant discount on our services (including boosting in all popular competetive games). You can even share loyalty program coupon with anyone and if they use this code, while making a purchase, they loyalty level will increase up to the level of yours. And for sure, they will get an appropriate discount from this code.


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